Welcome to Afro!

Afro was founded in 2012 by a group of savvy entrepreneurs and investors who identified the need to facilitate better transportation services in some of Nigeria's growing cities. The company, in collaboration with its technical partner which had grown its base by deploying a multi award winning free smartphone application that connects passengers directly with taxi drivers allowing customers to book with certainty every time, decided that there was an opportunity, in a country of over 167 million people to create jobs, enable better transportation modes and place pricing for the service in the hands of the customer, while improving productivity for drivers - taxi drivers, car hire companies and private drivers.

Afro is being embraced by thousands of drivers and passengers in Lagos and Abuja, which represent the first two cities where this has been launched. The app will be available in all major cities before the end of Q1 2014. Passengers and drivers are eagerly downloading the convenient booking service and the Afro app has now become one of the fastest growing apps in the country. Our aim is to be the clear market leader in the taxi sector and we are well on our way.

Have you downloaded the Afro app? Take us for a spin! Download here!

AfroCab Nigeria is a wholly owned subsidiary of Afro Technologies PTY